Run covr on a package and upload the result to coveralls

coveralls(..., coverage = NULL, repo_token = Sys.getenv("COVERALLS_TOKEN"),
  service_name = Sys.getenv("CI_NAME", "travis-ci"), quiet = TRUE)



arguments passed to package_coverage()


an existing coverage object to submit, if NULL, package_coverage() will be called with the arguments from ...


The secret repo token for your repository, found at the bottom of your repository's page on Coveralls. This is useful if your job is running on a service Coveralls doesn't support out-of-the-box. If set to NULL, it is assumed that the job is running on travis-ci


the CI service to use, if environment variable ‘CI_NAME’ is set that is used, otherwise ‘travis-ci’ is used.


if FALSE, print the coverage before submission.