• Added covr.record_tests option. When TRUE, this enables the recording of the trace of the tests being executed and adds an itemization of which tests result in the execution of each trace. For more details see ?covr.record_tests (@dgkf, #463, #485, #503)

  • as.data.frame() now returns an 0 row data frame when there are no functions in a package (#427)

  • codecov() is now more robust when coverage is not the output from package_coverage() and token is not provided (#456)

  • package_coverage(code = ) now accepts character vectors of length greater than 1 (@bastistician, #481)

  • package_coverage() now handles packages with install or render time examples (#488)

  • package_coverage() now sets the environment variable R_TESTS to the tests-startup.R file like R CMD check does (#420)

  • report() now provides a more detailed error message if the DT and htmltools dependencies are not installed (#500).

  • Fix parse_gcov bug when package is stored in directory with regex special characters, see #459

  • Error/warning thrown for, respectively, missing gcov or empty parsed gcov output (@stephematician, #448)

  • Support Google Cloud Build uploading reports to Codecov.io (@MarkEdmondson1234 #469)

  • covr is now licensed as MIT (#454)

  • Fix test failures in the development version of R (4.0.0) (#400)
  • Fix inadvertent regression in return visibility when functions are covered. covr versions prior to 3.3.0 surrounded each statement in { blocks. covr 3.3.0 switched to using ({, but this caused an inadvertent regression, as ( will make the result visible it is the last expression in a function. Using if (TRUE) { restores the previous behavior. (#391, #392)

New Features

  • New azure() function added to make it easy to use covr on Azure Pipelines (#370)

  • Work around issues related to the new curly curly syntax in rlang (#379, #377, rlang#813)

  • Compiled code coverage has been improved, in particular C++ templates now contain the merged coverage of all template instances, even if the instances were defined in separate compilation units. (#390)

Bugfixes and minor improvements